Rapid Learning Institute featured in leading training publications

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) CEO Stephen Meyer is a contributing author in the fall issues of both Training and Training Industry magazines, two of training and development’s most prominent publications.

“RLI is proud to be partnering with the leading voices in the training industry to spread the word about the exciting new direction of soft-skills e-learning,” said Meyer. “The momentum around microlearning solutions – with modules that respect learners’ time and capture their attention – is creating an enthusiasm for e-learning that we haven’t seen in years.”

Meyer discusses microlearning in each of the articles, revealing the elements that help – and hurt – successful soft-skills e-learning.

Meyer’s article in Training Industry magazine discusses the principles of Information Design, a new approach to e-learning that focuses on learner engagement. Information Design “can guide the creation of e-learning modules that capture learners’ attention and get them invested in the training experience,” writes Meyer.

In his opinion piece in Training magazine, Meyer argues against the use of embedded interactivity in soft-skills e-learning, writing that activities that interrupt the flow of an e-learning module do “more harm than good.” He backs this claim up with academic research as well as with his own experience as an e-learning creator.

Taken together, these articles reflect a shift to a new way of designing soft-skills e-learning – and reveal the trends that will shape the future of the industry.

“Being invited to discuss RLI’s philosophy and approach to e-learning on some of the biggest platforms in the industry shows that our message is resonating with thousands of managers and learning professionals,” said Meyer. “It’s an exciting time to be in training and development.”

To read the full article in Training Industry magazine, click here.

To read the full article in Training magazine, click here.

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) provides online training and talent development tools for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions in the areas of sales, leadership and management, human resources, employment law compliance, and workplace safety. RLI’s approach is founded on three core principles: 1) Rapid Learning. Workplace training should be delivered in short bursts – just six to 10 minutes at a time. Today’s multi-tasking workforce has neither the time nor the attention span for traditional lengthy training formats. 2) Single-Concept Learning. People learn best when training is focused on a narrow concept where learning goals are clearly defined. When training is delivered in small packets, the brain can easily absorb, remember and apply what it learns. 3) Research-Based Learning. Training is most powerful when it’s grounded in verifiable research. When learners see training as credible, they’re more likely to translate the learning into on-the-job behavior. RLI’s signature six to 10 minute modules, called Quick Takes, incorporate these three ideas into unique training programs that get results.

Based in Greater Philadelphia, RLI is an operating division of Business 21 Publishing.

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