Too good to be true? How salespeople lose customers’ trust
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Too good to be true? How salespeople lose customers’ trust

You can offer the highest value, the lowest price, the best service. None of it matters unless you first win your customer’s trust.

But trust takes time – time you don’t always have. Especially when you’re selling to new prospects. They don’t know you – and they’re worried that they’ll get taken advantage of. The salesperson who can most quickly prove his or her trustworthiness gains a huge advantage over competitors.

One of the most effective ways to build trust with customers is by telling them what you can’t do.

When sellers promise everything, buyers know it’s too good to be true. You don’t expect your accountant to balance your books and give you legal advice. You can’t buy a car that gets great gas mileage and accelerates like a Maserati.

The problem is, salespeople love to say yes. They’re problem solvers and positive thinkers. When a prospect or customer asks, “Can you do this?” they almost can’t resist saying yes. Especially when there’s money on the table.

That’s exactly why it’s so powerful when you say, “No – we can’t do that. But let me help you find someone who can.”

When you do, you stand out from all those competitors who promise the moon and the stars. You win big points for honesty. And that’s what buyers want most: a vendor they can trust.

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