Don’t underestimate role of tech problems
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Don’t underestimate role of tech problems

Regularly ask trainees if they are having any problems with online learning software and if their computers are set up properly to handle it.

A recent study showed that when people feel blocked by IT-related glitches, they are more likely to delay or even give up on online learning. Worse: They’re not likely to tell you unless you specifically ask.

Researchers found that nursing students in a blended-learning environment were falling behind because of seemingly simple computer issues. And few of the students mentioned it at the time – it came up only when researchers asked.

In one case, a worker couldn’t open the audio files and, because he was busy, felt it was easier to drop the course and try again the next semester. It was likely an easily resolved problem with the audio setup with his computer.

Source: Johansen, Edda, et al., Norwegian Nurses’ Experience with Blended Learning: An Evaluation Study. Presented online at

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