Study shows new way to set yourself apart
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Study shows new way to set yourself apart

Finding relevant and credible information is difficult, according to recent research. And it represents an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

A study of 1,000 middle managers by the global consulting firm Accenture found that:

  • Managers spend up to two hours per day searching for information.
  • 53% report that the information they found had no value.
  • 43% said they accidentally used the wrong information at least once a week.

In a similar study by researchers at Find/SVP, when it comes to searches for online business information:

  • 45% encounter broken links that do not work.
  • 39% believe that information found online is outdated.
  • 21% are not confident that their search results come from credible sources.

The opportunity: Send customers or prospects legitimate, credible industry information, to save them time and build your own reputation as a “go-to” source.

Source: Sam Richter in the e-book “Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling,” To learn more visit:

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