Practicing avoidance: Why it’s deadly for a manager’s credibility
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Practicing avoidance: Why it’s deadly for a manager’s credibility

Every manager hopes to reach a point where they are viewed as a credible leader. But it takes hard work, and few managers get there. Check out this action plan for achieving leadership credibility:

1. Identify your Confidence Base

That’s not always easy. In fact, lots of failed and mediocre leaders go their entire lives without ever figuring it out. But successful leaders do. They may be good at many things, but they know they’re GREAT at one thing. They focus relentlessly on developing that skill, it becomes their Confidence Base, and they use it to build credibility and advance their careers.

2. Commit to Knowledge Transfer

The world is full of mediocre leaders who fail to achieve results through others. They may lead a team but they rely on their OWN competence to get things done. They don’t replicate their competence. They don’t empower others. And so their impact is limited.

Successful leaders channel the passion they had for building their own Confidence Base into passion for transferring their technical competence to others. They develop, in effect, a new Confidence Base and a new source of credibility, in leadership. They achieve the multiplier effect, and their impact is enormous.

3. Remember that credibility is fragile

It takes years to build your leadership credibility, but you can lose it very quickly, through one or two incidents where your words don’t match your actions. Your followers watch what you do and remember these slips. A simple rule: Be consistent about walking the talk.

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