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It’s easy for your salespeople to get discouraged when the rejections start piling up, and customers stop picking up the phone. Destructive thought patterns set in, and pretty soon they aren’t making quota and start looking through job listings, waiting for the axe to fall.

But the best sellers know that a career in sales can be incredibly rewarding — like when customers call for advice, thank them for improving their business, or refer them to colleagues.

The difference is simply developing mindset and momentum habits.

The good news is that every salesperson can learn how to grow a mind for sales. Join us for our upcoming free webinar, Developing A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits & Practical Strategies Your Team Needs to Succeed. During this fast-paced webinar event, guest speaker Mark Hunter will show you how to inspire and prepare your team to form the new thoughts and habits that drive success — and to realize the incredible rewards that a successful life in sales makes possible.

This fast-paced, engaging webinar will reveal:

  • Why your mind drives your success
  • A salesperson’s three greatest assets
  • The Minefields and Mind Traps that can undermine sales success
  • What happens when sellers let customers control their minds
  • The future of sales — and how to plan for many rewarding years ahead
  • How to become reenergized by renewed purpose and success in a sales role

Bottom line: You’ll learn practical strategies to help change your sales team’s mindset and adopt the daily habits needed to maximize their productivity.


Mark Hunter

Keynote Speaker, Author & Sales Consultant

Mark Hunter is "The Sales Hunter," bestselling author of High-Profit Selling. A firm believer that the success of any company depends upon the success of its sales team, Mark is a globally recognized sales trainer and keynote speaker who has helped companies as diverse as Samsung, Heineken, BP, and Mattel win the sale without compromising on price. Prior to founding The Sales Hunter, Mark held sales leadership positions with ConAgra Foods, Kraft, and Pillsbury. He is the author of High-Profit Prospecting and A Mind for Sales.

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