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Thu, Nov 16th, 2023 | 2pm ET

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When it comes to a leader’s ability to get results through people, trust tops the list of requirements. When it’s there, employees fully engage and break down walls to get the job done right. When it’s missing, even the smartest, most motivated people will sputter and stall.

The question is, what do employees look for when deciding whether or not to trust you as a leader? Research suggests that four critical factors drive their thinking.

If you’re interested in learning about these four drivers and would like some practical strategies to help you navigate this complex landscape, please join us for our free upcoming webinar, Trust & Leadership Effectiveness: 4 Research-Based Strategies Every Leader Must Master. We’ll discuss the key issues behind this critical leadership issue and share some surprising research that explains how to win the trust we need for leadership success.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why “fairness” is such an emotional hot button when it comes to building trust
  • The critical link between vulnerability, trust and performance
  • What the “vulnerability loop” is and why it fosters workplace trust
  • The difference between real and “faux” empathy
  • A counterintuitive insight into authentic leadership, negative emotions and trust

Steve Meyer

Managing Director

Steve Meyer is Managing Director of Rapid Learning, a BTS company. Prior to Rapid Learning, Meyer was the Director of Publishing at The Hay Group, a leading HR, benefits and compensation consulting firm. At Rapid Learning he developed the model for 5- to 7-minute “Quick Take” rapid learning modules. Meyer received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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