Wed, Apr 27th, 2022 | 4pm ET

You’ve been invited to this interactive, invite-only 90-minute demonstration of our Facilitated Leadership Training event, Mastering Feedback. There are only 12 seats for each live event. Please RSVP via the form on this page to reserve your seat.


This 90-minute workshop, led by executive leadership coach Sheila Boysen-Rotelli of BTS, will show your managers how to use feedback to unlock the true potential of every member of their team.

On the surface, the key is to show your people how giving feedback inspires people to grow and builds stronger relationships. But at a deeper level, it’s all about mindsets. Sustained behavior change only happens when people truly understand the attitudes and beliefs that drive what they do. Getting to that level of understanding is the real magic of this popular workshop.

The mindset shifts this program explores:


Sheila Boysen-Rotelli

BTS Facilitator

Sheila is an experienced executive leadership coach, author, and professor, specializing in leadership development and coaching. Her experience in enabling positive change, as a leader across multiple industries and roles enables her to bring a blend of corporate leadership and an understanding of team dynamics into play. She supports her clients to grow as leaders, achieve results, and to develop their own leadership competencies.

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