Most supervisors can recognize cases of blatant sexual harassment – where, for instance, an employee makes a crude or threatening advance. Or where an employee touches another in a way that’s clearly out of bounds.

But what about those less obvious cases?


In this Quick Take you will learn:

  • The difference between “quid pro quo” and “hostile environment” sexual harassment
  • Why sexual harassment doesn’t need to target a specific person
  • How “victimless” sexual banter can trigger lawsuits
  • Why actions that are completely non-sexual in nature can be construed as sexual harassment and
  • The “reasonable person” standard for determining what is, and isn’t, sexual harassment.


NOTE: This program has been reviewed by an employment law attorney. However, the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal advice or services. Should additional clarification be needed on any of this content, please seek the assistance of your Human Resources department or the person responsible for employment law compliance in your organization.

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