Discovery & Qualifying

Why a Lean Pipeline Maximizes Sales

An in-depth study of sales pipelines at a Fortune 500 company revealed some surprising results. Learn why more leads on the front end can result in fewer sales on the back end - and questions you can ask early in the process to protect your valuable time.

How to Ask Awkward Questions

A study reveals the main reason why salespeople avoid awkward questions, why and when prospects are most willing to disclose valuable information about themselves, and the best way to structure your questions to avoid resistance.

How Many Customer Problems Do You Need to Dig Up?

A massive study on discovery calls conducted by the research lab at the software company found that uncovering four customer problems, instead of just one, drove success rates from 53% to 85%. Learn the details of these surprising results - and how to achieve them.

Stupid Questions: A Smart Selling Strategy

Researchers in the Psychology Department at Harvard wondered what went on in people’s heads when they were asked certain kinds of questions. Find out what questions light up buyer's brains and why some “stupid questions” aren't stupid at all.
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