Onboarding & Retention

Mastering the Stay Interview

In this Quick Take, you will learn the strongest factor determining whether an employee will stay or leave, the real purpose of stay interviews, and simple guidelines for conducting effective stay interviews.

Onboarding: The Critical Importance of a New Hire’s First Assignment

When it comes to onboarding, the best leaders know that sink-or-swim -- the all-too-common default option at many organizations -- is a sloppy, lazy way to get new employees up to speed. In this Quick Take, you will learn a better way. You’ll discover that making people feel comfortable and welcome is NOT your most important goal as an onboarder, and the results of a new research study that shows the optimal way to design a new employee’s first assignment.

The C.A.R.E.E.R. Model: The Ultimate Retention Strategy for Managers

Every experienced manager knows the feeling. A valued employee walks into your office and says, 'I found a new job. I’m leaving.' You’re stung. You feel betrayed. And you’re asking yourself, 'Did I do something wrong?' The bad news: You probably did. The good news: In this Quick Take you’ll learn how to keep your good employees on board, energized and loyal.
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